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How Construction Zones Increase Accident Risk

How Construction Zones Increase Accident Risk

Road construction and crashes make a tragic combination on Florida roadways. As long-time Orlando personal injury attorneys, we have recognized that areas around these active zones are at high risk for auto crashes. Florida ranks ninth in the country for deadly collisions involving road construction zones – not a good track record!

This frightening statistic should encourage drivers in the Sunshine State to exercise reasonable caution when driving, especially so in road construction zones with stricter speed limits and passing limitations. However, drivers all too often ignore these regulations, which can be fatal for workers in the area.

In Florida alone, FDOT reports that speeding and distracted driving are two of the top causes of motor vehicle collisions in construction zones. Nearly 800 fatalities each year are solely attributed to this problem.

I-4 is Dangerous and Needs to be Improved

The stretch of I-4 covering Seminole County has had more fatalities than any other section of highway in the state. In 2012, the Daily Beast reported that two of the three most dangerous stretches of highway in America are in Florida: I-4 and a section of I-95. 

From 2004 through 2008, Interstate 4 was the site for 209 fatal traffic accidents. That’s one fatality every 1.58 miles, and in recent years, safety on this highway hasn’t improved much. It’s still among America’s deadliest highways according to statistics from 2004 to 2008. If you’re injured while driving on this stretch of road, speak with an Orlando personal injury attorney about your rights immediately!

The I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project was initiated in response to the many catastrophic accidents on this interstate. The project will rebuild 21 miles of I-4 from Orange County to Seminole County, add two new express lanes, replace 140 bridges, set the speed limit to 55, and reconstruct the existing roadway.

Causes of Accidents on I-4 in Orlando

Construction is a major cause of car accidents, but this is not the cause of most; congestion is more important. Driving on I-4 will always pose a risk for an accident, especially with so many cars on the road at any given time. 

Even a careless worker or those who don’t follow safety procedures while working in construction zones, can lead to accidents, especially if they fail to:

  1. Operate heavy machinery properly

  2. Post adequate warnings beforehand

  3. Make sure to clear all lanes of equipment, vehicles, and debris

  4. Paying attention when directing traffic

Common auto accidents in work zones include:

  1. Road departure

  2. Tractor-trailer mishaps

  3. Rear-end collision

The decreased amount of lanes puts the risk of accidents at a higher rate. Lack of roadway could be a liability issue as well. The best idea is to speak to a personal injury attorney who can give you more information about this subject and where your responsibility may lie in the case of an accident. 

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help My Injury Case?

Negligent drivers can change your life forever on a busy highway. When you add construction zones into the mix, the resulting accident can even be fatal. Whether your traumatic collision was due to poor lane change signage by the FDOT’s work crews or you were directed into a dangerous roadway situation by a flagger, you don’t have to shoulder the damages alone.  

At Jordan Law, we see the devastation caused by massive pile-ups and road construction debris every day. Our team of car accident attorneys will be your most reliable advocate during this time and take on the insurance companies and liable parties to ensure you recover a fair and just compensation award or settlement. Your life has been turned upside down by no fault of your own, and we will work tirelessly to help you reclaim your life.

When you hire us to represent your personal injury claim, we can help you receive compensation for much of the following:

  1. Medical bills

  2. Lost wages

  3. Loss of consortium

  4. Disfigurement

  5. Mental anguish

  6. Diminished work capacity

  7. Property damages

  8. Pain and Suffering

This is why speaking with one of our skilled attorneys after your accident is so important. We know what it takes to build a strong case, including gathering any needed evidence and proving the negligence of the other parties involved. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about what rights you have to recover compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered.

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