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Your life can change in an instant. Injuries mean pain, medical costs, rehabilitation, loss of wages, and more. You shouldn’t have to face this alone – and Driven Law will see that you don’t. Our team works tirelessly to see you are made whole. 



This is where other law firms normally write something like “If you’ve been in a car accident . . .”

But we’re not other law firms. Because when it comes to vehicle collisions that result in injuries, ‘accident’ is usually the wrong word. Some 94% of car ‘accidents’ that cause significant injury are due to driver negligence.

Since the late 1990’s, there has been a concerted effort by the medical profession, state governments, and safety advocates to use ‘crash’ instead of ‘accident.’

‘Accident’ sounds like there was no way to anticipate, never mind stop, a collision. Nobody’s at fault because ‘it just happened.’

Crashes don’t ‘just happen.’

Drivers cause crashes.

Car crashes have victims. 

If you or a family member are the victims of a car crash, get treatment, get better, and call Driven Law.

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The physical costs of a car crash can be immense, and recovery long and arduous. Car crashes, however, do more than physically injure.

It takes some time for the other costs to manifest themselves, but they are always looming. Bills – the ambulance, emergency room, hospital, physical therapy, chiropractic, and various specialists – will pile up. The hours of lost work make keeping up with the new bills (while still keeping a roof over your head) almost an impossibility.

These are tangible, direct results of the crash.

Pain, stress, diminished physical abilities, and so much more are the intangibles.

Car crashes occur in seconds, but the consequences are felt for years.

Whatever the severity of your injuries, you need to consult an attorney – as quickly as possible. The time to bring an action to recover what you’ve lost begins the day you are injured.

The attorneys and staff at Driven Law have extensive experience representing crash victims throughout Florida.

But that’s not why you should contact us.

Contact us because Driven Law is a team. When we represent you, we’re your team. 

We meet with you, your family, and your health care professionals to assess your health, finances, goals, and aspirations – both before and after the incident – and plan the way forward toward mental, physical, emotional, and financial recovery.

We work with your insurance company, other victims, and, when possible, anyone responsible for your injuries to ensure you aren’t saddled with unpayable bills.


First, be assured you’ll never be in the dark. You will always know where your case stands, what our process looks like, and what’s next.

We will try to settle your matter without having to go to trial. The attorneys at Driven Law have stellar reputations for fair, realistic, straightforward, and skillful negotiation. We make every effort to achieve a settlement in a timely fashion.

We are, however, always preparing for trial – and we are always ready to litigate against a difficult defendant or insurance company.

The attorneys at Driven Law are fearless when it comes to trial. You deserve it and it’s how we sleep at night.


What To Do

Take care of yourself, then contact us. Call as soon as possible. There are time limitations for filing personal injury actions – and the closer to the incident, the easier it is to collect evidence, get accurate and detailed witness statements, and conduct a thorough investigation.  


Don’t Wait. Help Us Help You.
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