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.... by another’s carelessness or negligence or indifference, you need help. You need to heal. You need to not be stressed out by mounting expenses, unpaid bills, insurance companies, and loss of wages. You need Driven Law. Together, we'll get you whole again.



When you are the victim of an accident you need to take care of yourself in every possible way. The more serious the injury, the longer it takes to heal. The longer it takes to heal, the longer you are out of work. Day-to-day bills pile up, soon joined by medical expenses. Consistent and ongoing medical treatment is often vital for recovery but hardly inexpensive.

Those are only the physical effects. That doesn’t reflect the trauma and how an accident affects you and your relationships.

An injury has a spiraling effect on the injured, their family, and their friends.

Thankfully, when you or a loved one have been seriously injured – through someone’s actions, failure to act, or negligence – you have recourse through the courts.


Driven Law will pursue your claims and ensure that whoever caused your injuries is held accountable. We can’t heal your injuries or make your treatment plan go faster, but we can help relieve the financial consequences – and give you the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing someone has been held responsible and has paid for their actions.

The attorneys at Driven Law have seen it all – wrongful death, compound fractures, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), neck and spinal injuries, and much more.

Driven Law will work and fight for you every step of the way to achieve the best possible result. 

We have successfully pursued cases that involved serious injury or wrongful death caused by slip and falls, premises liability, restaurant food poisoning, injuries at houses, hotels and stores, distracted driving, crimes, theme park injuries – almost anything that can cause people harm. 


The attorneys and staff of Driven Law never stand on ceremony or formality; we’re here for you, and empty niceties never get in the way. 

When we represent a client, we make the commitment that we’re in it together. That is not a motto, it's the only way we work. We are with you through the ups and downs that are inevitable when pursuing a personal injury case.   

We will immediately meet with you to begin to assess your health, finances, goals, and aspirations – both before and after the incident – then we will plan the way toward mental, physical, emotional, and financial recovery.

Driven Law enjoys a reputation for fair, realistic, straightforward, and skillful negotiation. We make every effort to utilize our unique negotiation skills to achieve a fair settlement in a timely fashion.

While negotiating, we strenuously prepare for trial in the event of a difficult defendant or insurance company. Whenever necessary, we leverage our experience and resources and put together a team of doctors, nurses, and experts to support you and your case.

While we would rather come to an equitable agreement with a defendant, we are always ready to litigate – and the attorneys at Driven Law are fearless when it comes to trial.


After all, our clients deserve it.


What To Do After An Injury

Take care of yourself, then contact us as soon as possible. There are time limitations for filing personal injury actions – and the closer to the incident, the easier it is to collect evidence, get accurate and detailed witness statements, and conduct a thorough investigation.  


Don’t Wait. 
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