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We don’t stand on formality. We don’t speak in legalese. From the start, we do whatever we can to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible telling us their stories. We believe that an attorney-client relationship is a two-way street. Our clients tell us their stories. We tell them what to expect, and keep them informed every step of the way.


We're Driven for Our Clients.

When you contact the attorneys of Driven Law, you can ensure you’re contacting a team you can count on.


Ok, we know you’ll see the same thing on every other lawyer’s “About” page. Here’s the real reason the team at Driven Law is the one for you.

Other firms might impress clients with fancy suits, expensive shoes and purses, and marble filled offices. We impress clients with our service and our results.

Whether you’re here because you need legal help for your company, or you’ve been injured and want assistance with your medical bills, our attorneys will focus on what’s right for you and your situation.


Available Virtually or In-Office

We know Central Florida because this is where our firm calls home. Our schools, and professional institutions. Our roads. Our courts. Our community. Every member of our staff has either gone to college or law school in Central Florida or has lived and worked here for years. Our office is conveniently located right outside of downtown Orlando (with our own parking lot).


You are busy with doctor appointments, car repairs, and general stuff like that.  You don't have to add trips to our office for meetings, or to Fedex to print stuff to that list. Your time is valuable, we don’t want to waste it on filling out paperwork.

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