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There's really no better place to hone your trial skills than as an ASA. I handled over ten thousand cases, filed hundreds of motions, participated in innumerable negotiations, and tried over fifty trials.


Eventually, the time came to leave the State Attorney’s office. I left with invaluable experience but, more importantly, with a dream.  The dream: open a law office and do it a different way. Break the mold of stodgy, antiquated law firms that have operated the same way for decades.


I wanted to leverage the latest technologies and create a law office that could solely focus on the client. By using new programs and backing them up with great systems and even better staff, we didn't need to bill people in six-minute intervals, or force our clients to repeat all the facts of their cases to six different people or wait months to hear back from us.


I opened Driven Law in 2015 in a small office and one attorney – me. I was the founding partner, the managing partner, and everything else that first year. All my ‘spare’ time was spent working and fighting toward that long-term goal. 


Now, I can proudly say that Driven Law has a full staff and a dynamic office in its own building, working every day to honor this dream – to be a cutting-edge, completely client-focused practice.  Ingrained in our core is the knowledge that every day we can be even better for our clients than we were yesterday.


When I'm not managing the office and keeping up with the latest technology, I can usually be found playing disc golf, trying new restaurants with friends, or enjoying Sea World, the science center, and everything Central Florida has to offer with my wife and young son. Sometimes, I just dig in the dirt with Tonka Toy Excavators – and every now and then, my son will join me.



I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be an attorney. I don't even know where the idea came from.  My dad worked for the post office, and my mom was a substitute teacher, so it's not like I was exposed to the law every day as a kid.  I just knew that was what I wanted, even though I didn’t actually know what a lawyer did for years (some days I still don't know!).


I moved to Orlando to attend the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!). That's where I got my first taste of ‘real lawyering’ while competing on the Trial Team at UCF. I got to travel around the country trying imaginary cases while learning real skills. Those skills came in handy when I entered Barry University’s School of Law and continued the path to becoming a great trial attorney. I graduated with high honors, a litigation certificate, and an offer to work as an Assistant State Attorney for the state of Florida.

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