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What is a settlement conference? How does it work if there are multiple people injured?

What is a settlement conference? How does it work if there are multiple people injured?

There is no denying that filing a lawsuit and going into trial can be time consuming and expensive process. Because of this, the parties to the lawsuit can sometimes opt to reach a compromise and settle outside of the court to avoid additional stress and money spent. This is where a settlement conference comes in, but the main question is, will a settlement conference still work if multiple people are injured?

Read along as we discuss the basics of a settlement conference and if it works when there are multiple people injured.

What is a settlement conference?

A settlement can be reached before the trial goes to court and can be done as soon as the case is filed. It can also be reached after the discovery process is completed in court. Some states require a settlement conference before the case goes into the trial. The judge will oversee the conference and it should be attended by both the defendant and plaintiff as well as the lawyers representing them. 

The main purpose of a settlement conference is to give both parties a chance to stop the proceedings as long as they are both willing to settle. 

Settlement conferences are pretty common, especially in personal injury lawsuits. This usually happens when the plaintiff agrees to pay a settlement amount for the defendant’s injuries and damages. It is common to have several counteroffers until both parties reach a number that they both think is fair. 

What is discussed at a settlement conference?

A settlement conference provides all parties to a lawsuit a chance to settle the case before it goes into trial or stop the trial proceedings by settling. Here are the different things that are taken into account in a settlement conference:

  1. The total monetary amount that the defendant owes the plaintiff

  2. The conditions of the payments which is either lump-sum or periodic payments

  3. Method of payment

  4. Consequences if payment is not made on time or no payment has been paid out to the plaintiff

Once a settlement has been reached, a settlement agreement will go into detail about all the information about the settlement. The settlement agreement will be furnished to the judge and will be converted into a court order which makes it enforceable through the law. 

The presiding judge which is typically the same judge who is assigned to your case will have their way of going about the settlement conference but will cover the following:

  1. The facts that all the parties present agree on

  2. The facts that all the parties disagree on

  3. What each party needs to settle the case

  4. What each party wants to settle the case

Will a settlement conference work if there are multiple people injured?

If there are multiple defendants involved, a settlement conference will still work as long as all of them are present. Being present at a settlement conference is important because ALL parties have to agree to the settlement amount. Another way that you can streamline this if there are multiple people injured is to have one personal injury lawyer representing all of them. This can help with making sure that all the injured parties will be fairly compensated and represented. 

How to prepare for a settlement conference?

Having a personal injury lawyer by your side is extremely beneficial in going into a settlement conference because you can get guidance on what to expect. It is important to be on time and show your best self in the settlement conference by dressing neatly and looking presentable. 

A settlement conference is a venue where both parties can essentially stop the trial proceedings by choosing to settle outside of court. This is extremely beneficial if you want to save time and money. 

In some states, a written settlement conference statement has to be submitted before the actual in-person meeting. This statement should include:

  1. A settlement demand based on good faith

  2. Damages are broken down by itemization and often categorized between economic damages and non-economic damages

  3. Each defendant will need to provide a good faith offer of settlement

  4. A detailed statement discussing all the facts surrounding the case 

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