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The Basics of Catastrophic Injury Claims

The Basics of Catastrophic Injury Claims

Numerous accident situations can leave victims with catastrophic injuries. Trucking and motorcycle collisions are often the most violent, leaving the injured faced with a lifetime of care and ongoing treatment. But, what constitutes a catastrophic injury in Florida personal injury law? How will any compensation you receive for damages be affected? 

While medical professionals are critical in deciding how to treat the debilitating injuries you’ve suffered, they can’t put a price tag on how your life will be impacted in the future. However, catastrophic damage claims were designed to address these losses, and a skilled Lake County personal injury attorney can help you with the claim process. 

What Constitutes a Catastrophic Injury?

According to medical agencies like the American Medical Association (AMA), a catastrophic industry is best described as severe harm to the spine, neck, skull, or spinal cord. Personal injury law expands this definition to include permanent disabilities and/or life-altering changes caused by an injury. Other injuries that could qualify under this serious category of harm include:

  1. Cardiac arrest

  2. Paralysis

  3. Disfigurement

  4. Dismemberment

  5. Death

It’s important to remember that one doesn’t have to be disabled for their remaining lifetime to have experienced injuries on a catastrophic level. For example, one may retain some of their functioning capacity, but they might not return to work for quite some time. Therefore, when discussing the legal elements involved in these types of compensation claims, the main focus is if the victim’s life has been permanently altered, which is often the reality for those who suffer catastrophic harm.

Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Whether you were in a violent car accident or slipped and fell at your local market, forceful impacts can lead to a wide variety of catastrophic injuries, including: 

  1. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)

  2. Spinal cord trauma

  3. Severe burns and disfigurement

  4. Full or partial paralysis

  5. Broken vertebra and bones

  6. Skull damage

  7. Blindness

  8. Physical limitations

  9. Cognitive impairment

  10. Communication disabilities

Additionally, not all the harm you suffered may be physical in nature. Non-physical injuries can also impact your life to the point you can’t function like normal. Daily routines become challenging, and you may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because of your experience. Irreparable harm can affect your emotional and mental state, so if you were hurt on the job by a defective product or can’t get past the trauma of a car accident, Jordan Law is here to get you compensated.

Catastrophic Accidents Involve Extensive Treatment and Recovery

One of the tell-tale signs you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury is the high medical costs you must pay for care. For example, when you suffer a severe spinal cord injury that leaves you paralyzed, there’s a good chance you need in-home nursing assistance and physical therapy for the rest of your life. These are expensive services that you may not be able to live without, and a skilled Lake County personal injury attorney can pursue a compensation claim to help offset these expenses. 

Other treatment options frequently include:

  1. Counseling.

  2. Physical and occupational therapies.

  3. Updating your home to be more accessible because of your injuries.

This makes it crucial to your case to have the damages associated with your accident thoroughly evaluated and realized before considering any settlement offers from the liable party(ies) in your case. In addition, if you cannot return to your career, you need to ensure that the lost wages you receive account for your lifetime. 

File a Catastrophic Injury Claim with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Surviving a serious accident that leaves you with catastrophic injuries is a devastating reality nobody wants to experience. However, if you or a loved one were injured in a car accident or other dangerous situation, it’s vital to recover your damages and future losses to ensure your well-being. 

At Jordan Law, we understand how the trauma has affected your finances, physical abilities, and emotional state. Our legal team is here to advocate on your behalf with the insurance companies and ensure that you receive a settlement or jury verdict that covers the scope of the injuries you’ve suffered. Trust us to thoroughly investigate your claim and build a solid case by using evidence and expert testimony to show how the trauma you suffered has altered your life permanently. 

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about what rights you have to compensation.

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