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What are Some of the Most Dangerous Central Florida Roads During the Holiday Season?

What are Some of the Most Dangerous Central Florida Roads During the Holiday Season?

The holiday season is in full swing, and hundreds of thousands of families are making their celebration plans. Undoubtedly, Christmas time is one of the busiest travel periods in the Sunshine State and is one of the top accident-ridden. But, before you pack your family into your car and hit the highway to visit family and friends or go holiday shopping, be aware of the inherent danger of Central Florida interstates.

The Sobering Truth of Holiday Travel in Central Florida

In 2020 alone, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported over 3,347 car accident deaths on Florida roads and a staggering 212,535 injuries resulting from these crashes. This statistic has regularly put areas like Central Florida in the top ten of most dangerous locations to drive in the United States. 

Causes of these crashes during the holidays typically involve:

  1. Drunk driving

  2. Distraction

  3. Sleeping behind the wheel

Individuals unfortunate enough to be hit by a negligent driver suffer a wide range of losses, including:

  1. Serious injuries

  2. Medical bills

  3. Lost wages

  4. Property damage

  5. Pain and suffering

  6. Mental anguish

  7. Temporary and/or permanent disabilities

  8. Wrongful death and associated burial costs

When faced with this situation, filing an insurance claim is crucial to getting compensated for the damages suffered. But auto insurers are infamous for minimizing or outright denying these personal injury claims. So, if you or someone you know sustains injuries in a Central Florida car accident this holiday season, be sure to call the skilled attorneys at Jordan Law right away.

The Five Deadliest Roads in Central Florida During the Holidays

Interstate 4 

As one of the most dangerous and heavily traveled highways in the United States, I-4 is incredibly perilous in its stretch between Miami and Tampa, Florida. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are due to distracted driving, which is only a secondary offense in the Sunshine State. This means that law enforcement can only intervene if drivers break more serious laws first.


Interstate 75 runs south through Kentucky and continues down to Miami, Florida. This expansive thoroughfare sees its fair share of dangerous conditions and drivers, especially in the Central Florida area. If you plan to commute this holiday season on I-75, be careful of its well-known roadway hazards and traffic delays, both of which can create life-threatening collisions. 

Florida Turnpike

Another treacherous road to travel on during the holidays is the Florida Turnpike. Spanning 11 counties in Central and South Florida, commuters need to use extra care because it’s a popular route for both tourists and residents because it runs through the Orlando area. 

Interstate 95

This popular corridor for the Atlantic seaboard is particularly dangerous between Daytona Beach and West Palm Beach, Florida. There isn’t much shoulder room to pull over if your vehicle has mechanical issues, and speeding drivers are also a major issue because of this fact. 

U.S. 41

On the west side of the Florida Peninsula, U.S. 41 runs from the Georgia state line, by Tampa, and down to Miami. With areas like Pascoe County experiencing population growth each year, traffic congestion leads to more and more accidents on this stretch of highway.

If you plan to travel by car this holiday season, remember the primary causes of car accidents and Central Florida:

  1. Distracted driving

  2. Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

  3. Falling asleep behind the wheel

Avoid putting yourself in this situation when visiting friends and families. For example, if you plan to use your GPS to navigate, have your passenger watch your progress and tell you of any upcoming exits you need to take. This can ensure you stay focused on the road and minimize causing an accident. 

Were You in a Central Florida Car Accident During the Holidays?

Even if you take every precaution possible while driving on one of Central Florida’s busy highways this holiday season, accidents can happen. If you or someone you know has sustained injuries in a collision, trust the skilled car accident attorneys of Jordan Law to get the compensation you deserve. 

Our legal team understands how these events cause physical, emotional, and financial damages to the parties involved. We won’t stop until you get the fair compensation you deserve, including:

  1. Lost wages

  2. Property damage

  3. Pain & suffering

  4. Wrongful death

  5. Medical bills

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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