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Your Rights After Getting Hurt While on Vacation in Central Florida

Your Rights After Getting Hurt While on Vacation in Central Florida

Central Florida is a hotspot for people from all over the world to get away and enjoy their hard-earned vacation time. Sadly, these trips can turn into a tragic experience after sustaining injuries because of another person or business being negligent. Whether you suffered a slip and fall while visiting a Disney resort or were in a car accident while visiting, you have the same rights to recover personal injury compensation as a local citizen.

Common Types of Tourist Injuries in Central Florida

When you are visiting the Sunshine State for a little rest and relaxation, should you get hurt because of negligent actions someone took, you have rights. Jordan Law has represented vacationers in Central Florida for many years and have compiled a list of the most common tourist injury cases we frequently represent:

  1. Slipping and falling in a hotel

  2. Rental car accidents

  3. Food poisoning

  4. Defective rental equipment injuries

  5. Swimming pool accidents, including drowning

  6. Amusement park tragedies

  7. Assault and battery of tourists

  8. Kayaking and boating accidents

  9. Motor vehicle crashes caused by local drunk drivers

  10. Bicycle and pedestrian collisions

  11. Motorcycle crashes

  12. Beach injuries

How Central Florida Vacation Injury Claims by Tourists Differ From Resident Claims

While many elements of a Central Florida tourist injury claim are the same as one filed by a local resident, there are still a few subtle differences. Issues for tourists that residents of Orlando won’t find as difficult to manage include:

  1. Finding a capable personal injury attorney

  2. Making necessary in-person court appearances

  3. Determining the jurisdiction of your claim 

The good news is that the statute of limitations to file your claim is the same whether you are local or an out of towner. Typically you have four years to file a personal injury suit, though this drops to two years for cases involving wrongful death. Florida law makes it a universal requirement to prove how the accused party’s negligence caused your damages 

This means your attorney will have to show:

  1. The defendant owed a duty of care,and,

  2. They breached that duty, and,

  3. This breach caused your injuries and damages.

One aspect of your tourist accident case to consider is jurisdiction. Normally, when an accident occurs in Central Florida, you would also file your lawsuit there. But, it is possible that your Orlando personal injury attorney could request your case be moved from a state court to one that is federal. This requires proof of the following:

  1. The damages you are seeking will exceed $75,000, and,

  2. You and the liable parties reside in different states or countries. 

Your lawyer may decide not to go this route if they are confident they can handle all of your hearings and your present isn’t necessary.

Do I Need a Central Florida Personal Injury Attorney for a Vacation Injury Claim?

You may wonder if it’s really necessary to hire an attorney to represent your injury claim. After all, you will get a settlement offer, right? No! There is no guarantee that the responsible party will settle. Worse, any offers you receive may barely scratch the surface of the damages you suffered. Another reason to retain counsel is that Florida law may differ significantly from that of your state when it comes to personal injury claims. If there are court hearings involved, they may be able to arrange for you to not attend these events and avoid the cost of travel. At Jordan Law, we are often able to arrange for video depositions, which local courts favor for efficiency and cost-savings. 

Get the Compensation You Deserve for Your Central Florida Emotional Distress Claim

After sustaining injuries at your favorite theme park or in an Orlando car accident while vacationing, you may be unsure about what legal rights you have. If a business or individual was negligent or careless and this caused you to be injured, speak with the tourist injury attorneys of Jordan Law right away. 

Our firm has fought against popular resorts and reckless drivers alike. You can trust our team of dedicated personal injury attorneys to recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages. It may be unclear what your rights are after an accident in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or Orlando. We have the training and experience necessary to represent clients who live outside of Central Florida, and are available to discuss your case right away. 

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about what rights you have to compensation.

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